emnlogo1999: Fourth EMN Congress in Tenerife


Critical approaches to health economics, patient selection and acute treatment

February 1-5, 1999, Tenerife/Spain

Congress president: Prof. Luis González Feria
Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery
Hospital Universitario de Canarias, Enrique Wolfson 17 E-38004, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
E-Mail: lgferia@redkbs.com

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I. Book Cover

II. Editors, Contents, Preface, President's Address, In Memoriam Prof. Brihaye

III. Organization and health economics in the management of head injuries care

Ethic and morals in neurotraumatology, HE Diemath
Cranial fractures in the Guanche population in Tenerife (50 BC-1500), C Rodríguez Martín
Prevention of neurotraumas and road accidents: M Muñoz Medina
Pre- and initial emergency medical care for head injury patient: a European perspective: H Delooz, E Dhondt
Organisation of intensive care medical and surgical aspects. B Richling
Neuropathological findings in primary brainstem lesions compared to secondary insults, L Gerhard, B Baumann
Monitoring the head injured patient, IR Chambers and AD Mendelow
Pharmacological treatment of Head Injury, AD Mendelow and M Davis
CPP/ICP clinical trial, CS Robertson et al
The Lund concept in 1999, CH Nordström

IV. The management of frontobasal injured patientes

Morphological aspects and symptomatology of fronto-basal injury, L Gerhard, B. Baumann
The management of the fronto-basal injured patient: the point of view of the ENT-surgeon, W Stoll
Frontobasal injuries: the point of view of the maxilo-facial surgeon, JL Martínez-Lage, O Marcos, AI Cebrecos
The management of frontobasal injured patients: the neuroseurgeon's point of view, G Foroglou et al
Decision making in frontobasal injuries, S Zerne et al
Neurobehavioral and cognitive disorders in fronto lobe injured patients, JL Carrión et al
Post-traumatic neurobehavioral dysfunction: a positron emission tomographic study, J De Reuck et al

V. Guidelines in neurotrauma

Evidence-based medicine and clinical practice guidelines for traumatic brain injury, J Sahuquillo
Guidelines in multiple injured patients. The approach of the German Trauma Registry, E Neugebauer et al
Practical application of the American guidelines: the Italian experience, F. Servadei et al
Guidelines and standards of rehabilitation for severely traumatic brain injured, JL Truelle, C. Francois, PA Joseph
What should be done to get consensus in Europe?, GA Zitnay
Guidelines in neurotrauma: Conclusions for multidisciplinary management in Europe, KRH von Wild

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